What’s your non-traditional Thanksgiving food?

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Are there any foods you ALWAYS had on Thanksgiving, even if other people didn’t? Someone looked at the most popular NON-traditional foods people are serving tomorrow in different parts of the country.  Here are the favorites . . .

1.  In the Northeast . . . fruit salad.  It’s 14% more popular than the national average.  Beans-and-rice, and broccoli are also big.

2.  In the South . . . turnips or turnip greens, 11% more popular.  Collard greens and broccoli casserole also made the list.

3.  In the Midwest . . . deviled eggs, 11% more popular.  Midwesterners are also 8% more likely to serve chicken at Thanksgiving, and 7% more likely to serve Jell-O.

4.  Out West . . . tamales, 15% more popular.  Glazed carrots were next at 9%.  And people out West are 6% more likely to serve tofu on Thanksgiving.



Source: yougov.com

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