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Teenage Speak Help

Parents do you understand the words coming out of your teenagers mouth? High school teacher James Callahan created an urban dictionary to help decipher the

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CEO Barbie Detained

Do you find this odd? CEO Barbie in custody! The feds in Minneapolis are seeking an arrest warrant from a court to destroy 22-thousand fake

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Mashed Potato Bandit

Someone has been leaving mashed potatoes around a Mississippi neighborhood and locals are baffled.  Plates of mashed potatoes have been found on porches, mailboxes and

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ACM recap

Keith Urban is the 2019 ACM Entertainer of the Year.  The honor comes six months after Urban won Entertainer of the Year at the CMA

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Forever TP

Charmin is going big, rolling out a giant supply of toilet paper to last you a long time.  The new “Forever Roll” is a jumbo

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