Senior Smarts

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Thursdays 10:05am on Bluff Country 1250 KCUE/KCUE 99FM with Debby Bradley of St. Crispin Living Community and Jack Colwell.  10-15 minute program covering items of interest to area seniors.

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Golfer Grayson Murray claims PGA Tour never helped him with alcoholism battle

Pro golfer Grayson Murray ripped the PGA Tour in a social media post as he opened up about his battle with alcoholism.Murray, 27, hurled the criticism at the Tour after dropping out of the 3M Open on Friday. He wrote on Twitter he “hates everything that has to do with the PGA Tour life” and……

Americans seek more swimming medals on Day 3 of Tokyo Games

The Americans try to add to their impressive first-day haul of swimming medals on Day 3 of the Tokyo Games when some of their top competitors get back in the pool Monday, while the U.S. women’s basketball team starts its quest for a seventh consecutive gold medal.Rugby begins competition and the U.S. men’s water polo……

Cycling’s arms race could help decide Tokyo Olympics medals

One thing that sets cycling apart from most other sports at the Olympics is the importance of technology.With the exception of a few other sports, such as sailing and rowing, most events that take place at the Summer Games come down solely to the performance of the athlete.They try to swim and run faster, jump……

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